3rd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion. 

2-5 October 2023Prague, Czechia

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The “3rd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion” will be co-organised by the CA21128-PROBONO and the ELI-ERIC in Prague which is also the Grand Holder of this Action.

Workshop website: https://indico.eli-laser.eu/event/26/

The main objective of the “3th International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion” is to develop further the scientific discussion started in the first two editions of the p-B fusion workshop organised in Prague in 2020 (on-line) and in Catania in 2022 (in person). The workshop will allow the exchange of new results and ideas among specialists from a broad international scientific community active in the field of proton-Boron fusion research. The workshop will cover all subjects starting from experimental results, via diagnostics and targetry, to simulations. Particular emphasis wll be given to advancements towards the realisation of high brightness alpha particle sources for applications.

The workshop will have different outputs:

- sharing knowledge about the state of the art of proton boron fusion and applications

- exchanging know how at the experimental and theoretical level

- creating collaboration links between the research groups taking part in the Action

- discussing about future experiments undertaken by single groups and about proposals for joint Action experiments.

In addition, the co-organization by the PROBONO COST Action will allow to involve more researchers into the Action and to consolidate our leadership in the field. The workshop goes beyond the European level and will allow to get useful linkages with researchers in US, Japan, China, etc. The workshop will increase the visibility of young researchers, women, researchers from ITC countries, through oral and invited presentations. There will be poster session with prize for best poster presented by young researcher.