There are two modalities of participation in a COST Action:


 Working Group (WG) participation (long-term participation):

  • Participation as WG member shall be open to any individual affiliated in a legal entity wherever in the world, except in cases of Incompatibilities as per Article 4.2 of the COST Action Rules.
  • Participation as WG member shall imply a duty to contribute to the realisation of the objectives of the WG and shall give rights of access to activities and information shared in the Action.
  • Participation as WG member shall be reflected on the COST website for visibility purposes.
  • Participating in a COST Action shall be bound by the COST Action Rules as complemented by the Annotated Rules (level C) and the COST Principles

In order to become a WG member, any individual shall be affiliated to a legal entity which may be based wherever in the world. The seat of the legal entity shall be used to determine the country of affiliation of the WG participant (Article 4.1.1 of the Annotated Rules (level C).

Applications to become a WG member shall be submitted via the Action page on the COST website.

The Action MC (or the delegated group) shall review the WG membership applications on a regular basis. The maximum delay between application and decision shall not exceed 3 months.


 Ad-hoc participation (short-term participation):

Participation to a COST Action may also take the form of an ad-hoc participation, subject to invitation by the Action MC during the lifetime of the Action. Incompatibilities as per Article 4.2 of the COST Action Rules shall also apply to ad-hoc participation.