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The new session of the scientific seminars organized by COST Action PROBONO& HB11 Energy on Hydrogen boron-11 fusion begins on Wed 24 of January at 16:00, is given by Paata J. Kervalishvili on the topic "ISOTOPE EFFECTS IN THE CONDENSED MATTER: SOME APPLICATIONS"

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Meeting-ID: 850 8205 5445
Kenncode: 449789


The next seminar on Thu 25th May at 16:00 CET, organised by COST Action PROBONO and HB11 Energy will be given by  Fabrizio Consoli on the topic "Laser-Initiated 11B(p,α)2α fusion reactions in petawatt high-repetition-rates laser facilities in petawatt high-repetition-rates laser facilities"


Meeting-ID: 825 0413 4897 

Kenncode: 656493


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