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The next seminar on Thu 25th May at 16:00 CET, organised by COST Action PROBONO and HB11 Energy will be given by  Fabrizio Consoli on the topic "Laser-Initiated 11B(p,α)2α fusion reactions in petawatt high-repetition-rates laser facilities in petawatt high-repetition-rates laser facilities"


Meeting-ID: 825 0413 4897Kenncode: 656493

The first seminar in Energy Seminar Series organized by HB11 and COST ACTION PROBONO - CA21128 will take place on Thursday 19th of January at 3PM CET.
Alex Robinson, CLF RAL, UK will speak about "Intense laser-generated ion beams propagating in plasmas"
Since the emergence of CPA lasers, there has been intense interest in both ion acceleration, and the possibility of producing nuclear reactions from laser-accelerated ions. During this time there have been many experiments where it has been challenging to reconcile the observed reaction yield with theoretical expectations, with the observed yields being larger than expected in many cases.