A new published paper for CA21128- PROBONO by Magdalena D. Christova , Milan S. Dimitrijević and Sylvie Sahal-Bréchot in Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso, vol. 53, no. 3, 2023, p. 84-93

Keywords: Stark broadening, spectral line shapes, atomic data, N VI, proton-boron fusion


On the Stark broadening of N VI spectral lines

Christova, M.D.; Dimitrijević, M.S.; Sahal-Bréchot, S.

Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso, vol. 53, no. 3, p. 84-93



Abstract: Results for the Stark broadening parameters for spectral lines within one spectral series of N VI 2s-np (n = 2 – 4) triplet transitions are included. Plasma conditions of interest cover temperatures from 50 000 K to 2 000 000 K, perturber density is 1017 cm−3 , and electrons, and boron ions (B III, B IV, B V and B VI) are perturbers. These conditions correspond to those in laser driven plasma for proton boron fusion reaction. The contribution in Stark width and shift of different types of perturbers is analyzed. The width versus principal quantum number is presented. Key words: Stark broadening – spectral line shapes – atomic data – N VI – proton-boron fusion