The 5th "Laser-Plasma Summer School - LaPLaSS, "High Intensity Laser-Plasma processes for Laser Fusion and related applications” (4-7 September 2023) held at the CLPU. CENTRO DE LÁSERES PULSADOS and co-organised by the COST Action PROBONO was very successful! 
The school hosted 57 students including 38 students supported by COST ACTION PROBONO - CA21128. 
Professional lectures were given by 15 experienced lecturers including our colleagues (Marco BorghesiFabrizio ConsoliDaniele MargaroneOlga Rosmej and luca volpe). 

We would like to thank students for participation, professors for sharing their knowledge, luca volpe, Local Organizing Committee (Yaiza Cortés Gómez, Antonia Morabito) at CLPU for collaboration and Ladislava Kopřivová from ELI Beamlines Facility for taking care about financial side of the COST Action PROBONO support.


  • Olga Rosmej, GSI (Germany, DE): X-Rays for diagnostic of laser-matter interaction (see abstract)
  • Fabrizio Consoli, ENEA (Italy, IT), Diagnostics of laser-accelerated ions (see abstract)
  • Daniele Margarone, ELI Beamlines (Czech Republic, CZ): Laser Plasma based Nuclear Reactions and Applications (see abstract)
  • Marco Borghesi, Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom, UK): Acceleration of ion beams in intense laser-matter interactions: mechanisms & state-of-the-art (see abstract)
  • Malte Kaluza, University of Jena (Germany, DE): Ultrafast imaging of laser-driven plasma accelerators (see abstract)
  • Gianluca Sarri, Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom, UK), Lecture 1: Laser-driven wakefield acceleration: basic principles and application to the generation of secondary sources. Lecture 2: Strong-field QED in the field of an intense laser: status and near-term plans.  (see abstract)
  • Sebastien Le Pape, École Polytechnique (France, FR): Ignition, a dream that came true: a brief introduction to Inertial Confinement fusion (see abstract)
  • Luca Volpe, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain, SP), Introduction to Laser-Plasma Physics.
  • Javier Honrubia, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain, SP), Ion driven fast ignition of inertial fusion targets.
  • Masa Murakami, University of Osaka (Japan, JP), Generation of ultrahigh electric and magnetic fields by imploding microcavities.
  • Jon Apiñaniz, CLPU, Introduction to ion diagnostics in laser/plasma physics.
  • Enrique García, CLPU, Laser diagnostics at CLPU.
  • Mauricio Rico, CLPU, Spatio-Temporal Characterization of Ultrashort Pulses.
  • Antonia Morabito, CLPU, Transport and manipulation of laser driven proton beams for applications. 
  • Carlos Salgado, CLPU, Practical Session introduction: Gas jet characterizacion by interferometry for laser-plasma accelerators. 
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