The 3rd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion in Prague (CZ), co-organized by COST Action CA21128 PROBONO and the ELI, was succesfully completed!

The Workshop programme  included 9 invited talks, 35 oral presentations, 11 poster presentations and was attended by more than 90 participants. The Cost Action PROBONO had a significant contribution, with many of the presentations been given by Actions members, while many of the participants were or became Action members.

The workshop was held at the the Institute of Italian Culture in the center of Prague the first three days. The fourth day was hosted at the ELI facilities in Dolní Břežany, 15 km from Prague, where the participants had the oportunbity of a tour in the ELI labs.


Group-photo of the workshop participants.

workshop2023 group photo1a


Photo from the wokrshop Opening in the first day.

workshop2023 photo opening


Photos form the workshop speakers.

workshop2023 photo kolaz1

workshop2023 photo kolaz4


Photos from the Dinner Party.

workshop2023 photo kolaz2


workshop2023 photo kolaz3