In the seminar of Thursday April 18th at 15:00 CET Dr. Richard Magee deliveres an interesting talk on “Measurements of p11B alphas in a magnetically confined plasma”.

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Title: Measurements of p11B alphas in a magnetically confined plasma

R.M.Magee, K.Ogawa, H. Gota, M. Isobe, S. Ohdachi,  M. Osakabe, T. Tajima


Recent works re-evaluating the p11B fusion cross-section1 and calculating the associated reactivity with kinetic effects2 and alpha channeling3 included have shown that the possible energy gain from a magnetically confined p11B fusion plasma is even larger than previously thought.  With that end in mind, TAE Technologies is developing a magnetic confinement concept capable of burning p11B fuel - the high beta, beam-driven field reversed configuration.  In parallel, we have recently begun experiments with p11B fuel in partnership with Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Studies on the superconducting stellarator, the Large Helical Device.4  In this talk, we will give an overview of TAE’s approach to p11B fusion and describe in detail the first experiments with p11B in a magnetic confinement device.

[1] M. H. Sikora and H. R. Weller.  Journal of Fusion Energy 35, 538-543 (2016)

[2] S. Putvinski, D. Ryutov, and P. Yushmanov. Nuclear Fusion 59, 076018 (2019)

[3] I. Ochs, E. Kolmes, M. Mlodik, T. Rubin, and N. Fisch.  Physical Review E 106, 055215 (2022)

[4] R. M. Magee, et al.  Nature Communications 14, 955 (2023)


Short CV:
HB11 S2.6 photoRichard Magee is the Sr Director of Physics R&D at TAE Technologies, overseeing fusion supporting research efforts in rf and pulsed power, neutral beams, advanced vacuum technology, and AI.  He conducted his PhD research studying impulsive reconnection on the Madison Symmetric Torus at the University of Wisconsin.  He then completed a post doc at West Virginia University where he developed a novel diagnostic for measuring neutral density in the edge of fusion plasmas.  He joined Tri Alpha Energy in 2013 where his research focused on fast ion physics in the field reversed configuration.  In addition to being author of over 35 peer reviewed publications, Dr. Magee has served the plasma physics community in a variety of capacities including as sub-committee chair of the American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics and Program Committee Member for the Fusion Energy Sciences Community Planning Process. He currently serves on the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee for the US Department of Energy.